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Chocolate Cupcake
Chocolate Cupcake
Chocolate Cupcake

Chocolate Cupcake

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Chocolate dreams are made here! Indulge in rich, moist, guilt-free decadence, that is kid and adult-approved, alike! Free of grains, soy, dairy, gluten, sugar, AND Vegan, Paleo, and Keto-friendly, our delicious cupcake mix is a staple MUST-HAVE!

No weird or obscure ingredients needed here! Simply add your staple, always on-hand, wet ingredients! EASY, HEALTHY, and DELICIOUS!


Only 8 net carbs per cupcake. 

Sweetened with monk fruit. 

Ingredients: Almond Flour, Arrowroot, Cocoa, Erythritol, Organic Flax, Organic Coconut Flour, Monk Fruit, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Bicarbonate, Himalayan pink salt. Contains tree nuts.

* Prepared nutritional values using unsweetened coconut milk & coconut oil



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