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My Story


My name is Corry and I am the founder of CorEats! While I am the “Cor” behind CorEats, it is also a play on the word *CORE: Merriam Webster defines “Core” as “a central and often foundational part.” I couldn’t agree more! 
The foundation CorEats is built on is good, wholesome food that everyone can enjoy: with NO hidden preservatives and free of gluten, grain, dairy, refined sugar, and soy. Just over 15 years ago, my family and my health journey began out of necessity. It quickly became my passion to rethink food.  Looking at food labels and reading through miles of ingredients NO one could pronounce was VERY frustrating!  But even more frustrating was finding that the so called “healthy” food tasted more like cardboard. As I listened to my body and saw how food affected my family, as my family and I taste-tested the limited available variety, thinking outside of the box and finding ways around mainstream ingredients quickly became my focus. 
If you are intolerant to dairy, to gluten .... to  anything, that shouldn't hold you back from eating the foods you love. Rather, It just means you need to rethink how to make them! Let CorEats help and your family will thank you!