My Story


My family and my health journey first began years ago when, out of necessity, my need to rethink food quickly became my passion. Looking at food labels and reading through miles of unpronounceable ingredients was very frustrating! But even more frustrating was finding that the so-called “healthy” food tasted more like cardboard than anything else. As my family and I taste-tested the limited variety available, thinking outside of the box, finding ways around mainstream ingredients, and claiming the freedom of eats n’ treats for my family quickly became my focus. 


Experimenting in the kitchen with simple, on hand and wholesome ingredients to recreate the beloved comfort foods and staples I had grown up with grew into gifting baggies of pre-filled ingredients for friends who’d requested them. You see, not only had I discovered that there was a real need for easy to make, family-friendly foods, but I quickly discovered that my success in the kitchen didn’t necessarily mean theirs. I wanted to create something everyone could make, no matter their skill set, that was consistently amazing! Thus CorEats Mixes was born!


CorEats is a play on the word “core,” which Merriam Webster defines as “a central and often foundational part.” I couldn’t agree more, which is why the CorEats foundation is built on delicious and wholesome food that everyone can enjoy- Amazing food with NO hidden preservatives, free of gluten, grain, dairy, refined sugar, and soy.


Food is one of life’s greatest joys- No matter your dietary preferences, nothing should hold you back from eating the foods you love! Rather, it just means you need to rethink how to make them! Eat happy, eat wholesome, and never compromise on delicious! My name is Corry and I am the founder and the “Cor” behind CorEats!