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Hold the Eggs! Making our mixes EGG FREE


For our vegan friends or those wanting to avoid eggs, we've got you covered! Our mixes work GREAT with these super easy substations!

For our vegan variation using our brownie mix, follow the easy peasy, chick pea variation here



For ALL other CorEats’ mixes, simply follow our 'flax egg' recipe. Each recipe replaces 1 egg. 

Flax Egg

1 TBsp ground* flaxseed
2 TBsp water

*If your flaxseed is not already ground you can easily do so with a coffee grinder or high speed blender

Mix ground flaxseed and water together and set aside until mixture becomes gelatinous. This only takes a few minutes. Each recipe makes 1 flax egg. 1 flax egg replaces 1 egg.


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