Preparing Your Baking Dishes with Parchment

Why do we need to line 3 sides of our baking dishes with parchment? It's a super simple step that ensures your baked good wont stick to your pan. Your baked good will be easy to remove from your pan and clean-up will be a breeze too! Here's how:

First, you want to grease your pan with butter, oil, or spray. Next, tear a piece of parchment that will fit into your pan without folding over or creasing at the corners. Gently press it into the 3 linear sides (making a U shape. Side, bottom, side ). The oil will hold it in place, almost like glue. Now you are ready to add your batter and get baking!

For a quick visual reference, check these videos out!


Bread Pan:


Brownie or 8"x8" Pan:


Cake Pan:

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