Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase CorEats Mixes?

CorEats can be ordered online 24/7 here. You can also find our mixes in these stores! If your store isn’t listed, be sure to request CorEats in your favorite local health food store!

What does keto mean? 

In a nutshell, this means very low carb, typically high fat and moderate to high protein. It is considered an excellent diet for those who wish to lose weight and moderate blood sugar, such as those with Diabetes. As our mixes are low-carb and grain free, they are Keto-friendly!

Which of your mixes are Keto-Maintenance friendly?
Our Bread, Pancake & Waffle, Pizza, Blueberry Muffin, and Chocolate Cupcake mixes are perfect options for you!

I am VERY strict Keto, looking for near zero carb intake. Which mixes will work best for me?
Our Pizza mix boasts ONLY 1 net carb per slice! Note that this will vary based on what topping you choose to add!

Is Arrowroot Keto friendly?
Arrowroot flour can be used as a keto flour replacement since it is high in fiber. Since it is also high in carbs, it's best used in small amounts. Here are two helpful links with more information:

What does paleo mean?
Simplified, think hunter/gatherer! This diet boasts vitamin-rich, whole-foods, such as fruits, veggies, unprocessed protein, nuts and seeds. It avoids sugar, processed foods, starchy, dairy, or grains. Our mixes are proudly, Paleo!

What mixes are diabetic friendly?
All of them! Bread and Pizza Dough contain no added sweeteners at all. Three of our amazing mixes proudly use Monk Fruit, a ZERO-Glycemic sweetener (Chocolate Cupcake, Blueberry Muffin, and Pancake & Waffle). And finally, our paleo Brownie and Pumpkin or Banana mixes are sweetened with organic coconut sugar, which is nearly half the glycemic index of regular table sugar!

What is erythritol?
Erythritol can get a bad wrap, but really it comes down to two factors: Is it non-GMO and is it derived from North American Birch? If yes, then it's a perfectly safe and VERY wonderful addition to your healthy baking arsenal! For a more in-depth explanation, see Dr. Axe’s amazing article:

What is Monk Fruit?
Monk fruit is a whole food, melon-type fruit, that has been around for hundreds of years. In fact, it was named after the monks who cultivated it for food and medicine! This fruit is more than 200x sweeter than table sugar, BUT without a glycemic impact! That’s right, 0-glycemic, baby! What’s more, it is GOOD for you and EXCELLENT in baking/cooking!

Are your mixes certified organic?
While our mixes are not certified organic, we uphold the highest of ingredient quality! All of our ingredients are non-GMO and most of our ingredients are proudly organic!

Is your facility a dedicated gluten free facility?
Yes it is! In fact, we do not have ANY ingredients containing gluten or grains!

What milk can I use in your recipes?
Our mixes are so versatile, that any milk will work: Almond, cashew, oat, coconut, dairy, and even flax milk are wonderful options!

Can I use regular milk?
You certainly can!

Can I replace the oil with butter?
Absolutely! While we encourage using coconut or Avocado oil, as these are much healthier options, oil substitutions work great! You may also substitute Vegan butter, such as Earth Balance (we prefer the soy-free variety).

I am Dairy-free. Can I use your mixes?
You sure can! We love our dairy-free substitutions AND, in fact, list them on our blog and on our mixes!

Are your mixes Vegan-friendly?
Yes! In fact, we include substitutions on each of our mixes AND in each of the recipe variations on our blog! We’ve got you covered!

I’m allergic to nuts. Can I use your mixes?
Our Brownie mix does not contain almond flour! While coconut flour is considered a tree-nut by the FDA, those who can tolerate coconut/coconut flour will LOVE our brownie mix!

I’m allergic to soy. Can I use your mixes?
You sure can! All of our mixes are soy-free!

I’m allergic to Peanuts. Can I use your mixes?
You certainly can! All of our mixes are peanut-free and processed in a peanut-free facility!

I am currently on an elimination diet, which mixes can we have?
On this diet, it is recommended to avoid nuts, dairy, soy, and eggs! Our brownie mix is free of all of these, aside from coconut flour, which the FDA recognizes as a tree-nut. However, most people tolerate it well and if you do, using our brownie vegan-egg substitute, this a perfect brownie mix for you!

What do I need to add to make your mixes?
Simple and always on-hand, wet ingredients like water, milk (any you prefer), and butter or oil (your preference). and have you adding mashed banana or canned pumpkin/squash (our banana or pumpkin bread/muffin mix) or blueberries ( Blueberry muffin mix). Our mixes also have optional add-ins, as they are super versatile and truly a pantry staple!

Are your mixes easy to make?
They sure are! Our mixes are free of junk AND complicated! In fact, children will have fun engaging in the baking process! For those wanting even MORE creative ways to enhance our mixes, we have additional recipes available on our blog!

Can I add a flax egg to all of your mixes?
A flax egg substitute works AMAZING in every mix BUT our brownie mix! But no worries, we have you covered! You will find simple substitution options listed on the package AND on our blog!

Are there instructions for mixing pancakes just 1 serving at a time vs. mixing the whole bag?

There sure is! CorEats has you covered with a simple way to divide and conquer your favorite stack! Find the easy to follow directions to split your mix into 3 separate batches here.