Chocolate Swirl Bread "Babka Bread"

using CorEats Bread Mix

Imagine for a moment, your two most delectable, all time favorite- wish I could eat this everyday- delights. If one of your choices involved chocolate, then not only are you speaking my language, but I am about to speak YOURS!

This recipe truly incorporates all that CorEats represents: the flavor, the ease, the reimagined staple (you will want this ALL the time), the beloved favorite, and the versatility that our mixes lend. 

Have you tried our
Cinnamon Swirl Bread, yet? If not, then WHY??? If yes, then think cinnamon bread, BUT replace the cinnamon with rich swirls of chocolate! No, I’m not kidding; I never joke when it comes to chocolate… it really is that easy! In fact, in true CorEats style, you truly can have the best of BOTH worlds by mixing BOTH of these two recipe variations into one loaf. Creating such a marriage of flavor will have you dancing around your kitchen! Simply follow our cinnamon Staple Streusel Topping, here.

This chocolate swirl can also be added to our blueberry muffin (omit blueberries), pumpkin, banana, and chocolate cupcake mixes when prepared as a loaf. BUT, our favorite is the comfort and wholesomeness of warm Almond Flour Bread, with an irresistibly sweet and chocolatey twist!


Bread Batter

1 CorEats Bread Mix

*Notes on Milk

Chocolate Swirl

⅓ cup sweetener of choice **

3 Tbsp butter, melted, vegan or dairy!

1 ½ Tbsp dutch cocoa*** or 1 heaping Tbsp

1 tsp vanilla extract


Optional toppings

Your Staple Streusel Recipe

Butter, when loaf is warm out of the oven!

Powdered sugar**

*I used unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk, but any milk will work!

** For Keto and sugar-free, try Lakanto Golden Monk Fruit. For paleo options, try granulated coconut or maple sugar. To powder granular sweeteners, place in a high speed blender. Pulse until powdered!

*** I like full fat dutch cocoa powder as it gives a full rich flavor without the acidity, but you may certainly use what you have on hand!



1. Mix your chocolate swirl ingredients together and set aside.

2. Follow all package instructions for Almond Flour Bread batter (including preheating your oven and baking dish preparation). Watch here

3. Pour half of your prepared bread batter into the prepared baking dish.

4. Drizzle roughly half of your chocolate mixture evenly across the batter. 

5. Pour remaining batter into your pan, repeating step #4 with remaining chocolate.

6. With a butter knife, gently swirl chocolate into batter. Watch here

7. Bake at 350° for 45-50 min.

8. Cool 10-15 min. Letting bread cool to room temp makes slicing much easier, but if you like warm cinnamon bread, get ready to lick your fingers and dig in!







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