In The Media...

I had the honor of talking to the insightful, passionate, and intuitive Darin Vilano in his Proprietors of Pittsburgh Podcast! Join me as I chat CorEats, share my journey, and explain what it means for me to Keep Moving Until You Find a Way!


James Arnold Taylor is not only Talking To Himself ...he talks about CorEats! As the voice of Obi Wan Kenobi (& SO many more) AND a fan of CorEats mixes, the force is certainly with this amazing actor! Check out this incredible shoutout on the James Arnold Taylor's entertaining podcast, "Talking to Myself." 


Join me as CorEats chats with one of the coolest guys ever -Mike Bruce of Life Starts With Food!


Join CorEats as I sit down with BPTV's Al Levine, “The Talking Machine,” and By Request With Jessica Lee, as we chat about unconditional goodness, good eats, and good music- Jazz & Blues.


Stepping out to record our story for the first time ever with Anna Aiken of Daring To Believe!