Toasted Rye Breakfast Melt

using CorEats Bread mix as Caraway “Rye” Bread 

Are you ready to melt your taste bud’s heart… and everyone else’s for that matter? I mean, what says good morning, good afternoon, AND good evening better than a perfectly scrumptious CorEats breakfast melt?

This sandwich is so incredibly easy to whip up! I love having this bread readily on hand for all my favorite sandwiches- breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In fact, my Caraway “Rye” Bread lends such a yummy “rye” flavor, but without the pesky grains, that it’s a sandwich made in heaven!

With CorEats, you seriously need never have a sandwich go stale. And this BK Mely will certainly stack up well beyond your expectations! 





Breakfast Melt Ingredients
makes 1 sandwich

2 slices CorEats Caraway “Rye” Bread, click here for recipe
2 eggs, scrambled
2-4 slices bacon
2 slices cheddar*

*Vegan or dairy works great!




1. In a small bowl, whisk two eggs. Set aside.

2. In a large skillet, cook bacon over medium heat to desired crispness. Remove from the pan and set aside.

3. Pour whisked egg into your hot and oiled skillet or non-stick pan. Gripping the handle, roll the pan to spread the egg in a thin layer evenly across the entire bottom of the pan and place back onto the stove.
This allows the egg to cook evenly enough to enjoy a light ribbon of egg on your melt. The traditional 'scrambled' style is always an easy and rustic option as well!

4. When the egg begins to lose its shine, carefully flip to finish cooking the other side. If possible, try not to break your thin layer of scrambled egg. 

5. Toast two pieces of rye bread and butter if desired.

6. Once bread is toasted, assemble your melt by placing bacon slices on one piece of toasted rye. Add a ruffled layer of scrambled eggs by draping it in a back and forth motion (like a ribbon) across your bread. Top the hot egg with cheddar cheese and your second slice of bread. 

7. Enjoy your Breakfast Melt with any desired condiments- hot sauce, mayo, etc. 

8. Enjoy!



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