My BFF’s Espresso Brownies 

using CorEats Brownie Mix


As if brownies weren’t already the bomb, we went wild and intensified the choco-latte experience with a secret weapon! You guessed it, espresso! I mean, coffee AND chocolate? They keep us brew-tifully grounded… So why wouldn’t we combine our two favorite powerhouses?

A whole latte flavor is packed into these fudgy morsels from heaven! In fact, these brownies are SO divine, you’ll want to devour the whole batch! But trust me, they’re espresso-ly scrumptious when you share them with your BFF!

Let’s get baking!

Here is what you’ll need.




My BFF’s Espresso Brownies 
1 CorEats Brownie Mix

3 eggs

½ cup butter, melted*

2 Tbsp finely ground espresso powder**

2 Tbsp water

1 tsp vanilla

*Vegan or dairy butters both work wonderfully!
*Looking for only a hint of espresso? Reduce espresso to 1 tbsp. In a pinch? 2 Tbsp of ground coffee can be substituted, but it will give your brownies a slightly gritty texture.





1. Preheat your oven to 350° and prepare your baking dish according to package directions.

2. Empty the dry mix into a medium bowl. Add espresso powder and mix well.

3. Melt your butter. If desired and using dairy butter, for a uniquely delicious flavor, brown the butter in a stainless-steel pan over medium heat for 5-8 minutes, or until lightly golden. 

4. Add eggs, vanilla, water, and butter to the dry mixture. Stir until well combined.

5. Pour batter into the prepared baking dish.

6. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes, or until the center is firm.

7. Cool completely or enjoy warm out of the oven!


Try serving with a scoop of Coconut Whip!



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