Coconut Whipped Cream



This recipe is a tried and true staple that pairs gloriously well with all your favorite CorEats treats!

Sure, sure, you can grab a pre-made whipped cream from the store (and sometimes life calls for exactly that). But for an out of this world flavor boost and to avoid hidden ingredients and unwanted sugars, this recipe is a go-to must!

Oh I get it- I know a from scratch whipped cream seems intimidating, but trust me- it’s not! The key here is to grab a can of full fat coconut cream and pop it right into your fridge. That way, in preparation for when the occasion calls, you’re ready to whip this up in a flash!




1 cup chilled, full fat coconut cream*

1-4 Tbsp. powdered sweetener **

½ tsp. Vanilla

1-4 Tbsp arrowroot, optional***

*can sub dairy heavy cream
**Lakanto or Swerve are my sugar free favorites. To powder alternative granular sweeteners, simply place in a high speed blender or food processor until powdered.
***using arrowroot firms up the whip and is an excellent option if traveling with your treats or they will be at room temp for a period of time.




1. Select a can of full fat coconut milk or coconut cream* Chill the can overnight in the refrigerator Note: Chilling in the freezer doesn’t work as well.

2. Scoop the hardened coconut cream into a mixing bowl, leaving any clear liquid behind. It’s always helpful to use a chilled bowl at this step!

3. Using a hand or stand mixer, whip until light peaks form.

4. Mix in vanilla. If using, add powdered sweetener 1 Tbsp at a time to taste. Serve immediately or chill until ready to feast!

Dairy Whipped Cream 
For a made-from-scratch, dairy whipped cream option, simply replace coconut cream with heavy whipping cream and follow the directions above.


Chocolate Whipped Cream
After cream is whipped into stiff peaks, add ¼ cup cocoa powder and mix on high until smooth. Feel free to add up to ¼ cup additional powdered sweetener to taste.


Peanut Butter Whipped Cream
After cream is whipped into stiff peaks, add ¼ cup peanut butter powder and up to ¼ cup additional powdered sweetener to taste.



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