Chocolate Ganache

For CorEats’ muffins, cupcakes, loaves, brownies, & cakes!

You have just hit the chocolate-covered jackpot, baby!

This ganache is an amazing, perfectly delicious, incredibly versatile, morphs into the perfect chocolate for any of your, “must have chocolate,” needs. Enjoy as a filling, a topping, or even a dip! Think of your favorite CorEats Pumpkin, Banana, or Peanut Butter Muffins. Brownies, cupcakes, cakes, OH MY!

But seriously, there are so many options with this recipe! You can use this as a drizzle while it’s still warm. OR maybe you'll opt to use it as a softer frosting for brownies, cupcakes, or muffins. This recipe is so versatile, it can even be used as a glaze by using half of the coconut cream called for! 

Free of that over the top, "Ow my face aches," sweetness! Full of- I can put this on or in anything- goodness. If you want something delicious and divine then look no further! 


1 cup dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips, or chopped chocolate bar*

¾ cup full fat coconut cream*

*My favorite sugar & dairy-free chocolate brands are Lakanto, Choc Zero, and Lily’s. 



1. Place chocolate in a small glass bowl (not plastic), and set aside. If opting to use a chocolate baking bar, chop the chocolate bar into chocolate chip sized chunks using a long serrated knife.

2. In a small saucepan, warm the coconut cream on your stove-stop, over medium-high heat, until it is evenly heated and simmering along the edges.

3. Pour the hot coconut cream over chocolate chunks/chips. Let rest for a few minutes, allowing the chocolate to soften and melt.

4. With a spatula, stir chocolate until mixture is smooth!


Ganache-Use Options:

*To use as a dip: Serve warm.

*To use as a drizzle: While warm, drizzle over cupcakes, muffins, loaves, cakes, or brownies!

*To use as a filling: Wait until the chocolate is room temperature, and pipe into your muffins or cupcakes.

*To use as a soft icing: Chill ganache in the fridge until it's a pudding consistency (1-2 hours). Mix on medium-high until it lightly fluffs. Scoop into a baggie, cut a small hole into one corner, and “pipe” onto baked goods for a yummy icing. Using actual piping tips is not recommended, as this frosting is very soft -But oh so yummy! 


Pair it with all your favorite CorEats Mixes!

*Pumpkin loaf or muffins

*Banana loaf or muffins

*Chocolate Cupcakes

*Peanut Butter Muffins


*Cinnamon Rolls

And so much more!



CorEat’s favorite coconut creams:

Native Forest organic coconut cream premium

Trader Joe’s organic coconut cream

Thai Kitchen coconut cream

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