S'more Brownies  

using CorEats Brownie Mix

Who says you have to have a campfire to enjoy your favorite chocolatey, marshmallowy, ooey gooey goodness of a dessert? CorEats says, “Heck to the no!” It’s time, my CorEats connaisseur, for you to join the ranks of proud dessert lovers and declare- No longer will my dessert cravings go unsatiated because there’s 4-feet of snow in my way!  Oh no! Where there’s a willing craving, there’s a CorEats wholesome way!

Join me in the enchanted world of CorEats dessert where it can be below zero outside, but a s'more is NOT off the table. Yes you can wrap yourself in your favorite blanket, with your favorite book, while eating a fresh s’more- No campfire required! Dare I say it? These S'more Brownies by far exceed its campfire counterpart. 

A moist, decadent chocolate brownie. The unmistakably ooey gooey marshmallow topping all fired up in sweet perfection. A crown of crushed grahams embellished with gems of even more chocolate… Give me s’more of that, baby! Let’s get baking and turn the heat up on delicious!






1 CorEats Brownie mix
4-6 graham crackers, or to-taste* 
1/2 bag marshmallows**
Chocolate chips*** optional


*We recommend Pamela’s or Kinnikinnick. Don’t have graham crackers? No problem  -Try our crumble variation recipe, found below!
** We recommend Dandies Marshmallow
*** Try Lakanto chocolate chips for a sugar free option!




1. Prepare the brownie mix according to package instructions, including pan preparation and preheating your oven.

2. Bake in the preheated oven for 15 minutes. Your brownie batter will still be wiggly.

3. Top your hot, partially baked brownie with marshmallows, tearing each into halves or thirds, and generously cover the surface. You want to still see pockets of uncovered brownie batter, as the marshmallows will expand and spread.

4. Next, crumble up pieces of graham crackers and sprinkle quite generously over the top of the marshmallows.
*Find the Graham Cracker Crumble recipe below if you’re looking for a home-made substitution.

5. If using, sprinkle a large handful of chocolate chips of choice over the top. Pop brownies back into your oven and bake for another 10-15 minutes, depending on your preference between a gooey or cake-like brownie.

6. To enjoy a toasted marshmallow topping, broil for 1-2 minutes until marshmallows are golden or toasted to your personal preference.

7. Cool completely or enjoy warm out of the oven!
For a fun garnish, break remaining graham crackers into halves or thirds and poke into the top of each serving.

8. Enjoy!


Don’t have graham crackers on hand or you’re looking for a healthier alternative? This crumble is easy to whip up and gives you the graham cracker flavor and texture, without the cracker!

Graham Crumble
1 cup almond flour
¼ cup cold butter
2-3 Tbsp coconut sugar*
½ tsp cinnamon
pinch nutmeg
pinch salt

*For a slightly sweet crumble, use 2 Tbsp. If you prefer a sweeter graham cracker, go with 3 Tbsp.


Crumble Directions
1. Add all dry ingredients to a small bowl. Top your dry mixture with cold butter, diced or sliced into smaller pieces and “cut” it into the dry ingredients using a fork or your fingers.
I like to taste it here. Add more sweetener based on taste preference. Keep in mind the marshmallows add plenty of sweetness. 

2. Simply substitute this mixture for the crumbled graham crackers in the recipe and bake as the s'more recipe indicates.

3. Enjoy!



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