Banana Bread Coffee Cake

using Pancake & Waffle Mix
recipe developed by Tara Weir 


Have you ever met someone who is radiant from the inside out? Someone incredibly talented, disciplined, and purposeful in sharing their giftings to help others? I would like to introduce you to the kitchen genius behind this brilliant recipe, Dr. Tara Weir 

Dr. Tara has taken her wellness gifting, combined it with our very own CorEats Pancake & Waffle Mix, and has developed the most dreamy coffee cake EVER! It is my honor to share it with you!

This cake is moist and fluffy, decadent warm, and bursting with sweet cinnamon goodness. A subtle banana flavor demands gentle attention, adding a richness and depth of flavor that harmoniously joins cinnamon. TRUST me: You will want to print this recipe out, transfer it to your timeless favorite’s- recipe stash, and make it a staple.

In honor of those like Dr. Tara, who share their gift for abundant wellness in all areas of life- as you find yourself returning to this recipe for your various, special social gatherings, again... And again- As you are asked about “your Famous Banana Coffee Cake Bread,” remember we shared the secret with you here,  first.

Now go ahead, and pass it on!




1 CorEats pancake mix

1/4 cup Lakanto sugar-free monk fruit baking sweetener (link below)

1/4 tsp salt

3 pasture-raised eggs

2 large or 3 small ripe bananas, mashed 

1/3 cup avocado oil

1/3 cup dairy-free milk

2 tsp pure vanilla extract


Crumb topping

1 ½ cups almond flour

½ cup Lakanto or Swerve granular (link below)

1 Tbsp cinnamon

½ cup grass-fed or vegan butter, cold and cut into pieces



1. Preheat oven to 350 and grease or line a 9x5” loaf pan with parchment.

2. Put pancake mix, sweetener, and salt into a large bowl and stir to combine.

3. In a separate bowl, whisk together eggs, oil, milk, vanilla, and vanilla.  Stir in banana. Add to dry ingredients and whisk until well incorporated.  Set aside while you prepare crumb mixture.

4. Put topping ingredients in a bowl and blend together with a fork or pastry cutter until a crumbly topping forms.

5. Spoon half pancake batter into prepared loaf pan and spread evenly.  Sprinkle with half of the crumb mixture.  Add remaining batter followed by crumb mixture.

6. Bake for 60-75 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle of the loaf comes out clean.  Tent with tinfoil after 30 minutes to prevent it from browning before it cooks through.



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