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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

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 …for each and EVERYthing!

All the flavor in one convenient bundle? That’s definitely something worth giving thanks for! Deliciously easy, versatile, wholesome, and packed with a mix for that, the Giving Thanks bundle is the perfect go-to for your holiday season.

Eight classic CorEats mixes, an amazing recipe collection available to effortlessly make the dishes you love most, all wrapped up in one yummy bundle! The Giving Thanks bundle also includes exclusive recipe cards to easily transform your favorite mixes into mouth watering …  CorEats’ originals. 

This bundle features our CorEats' signature Pumpkin Bread & Muffin, Bread, Banana Bread & Muffin, Blueberry Bread & Muffin, Cupcake, Pizza, Pancake & Waffle, and Brownie mixes at a tasty value! Say hello to the Freedom Of Eats & Treats, my friend!

CorEats- Keeping  you and your loved ones deliciously paleo, vegan, gluten & grain-free, healthy, low carb, and sugar and preservative free- One mix at a time! For more nutritional info click the links below.


As always our healthy and easy, Paleo, Keto and Vegan friendly mixes are free of: gluten, grains, dairy, soy, refined sugars and preservatives! For more nutritional info click the links below:

Bundle includes:
1 Pumpkin Bread & Muffin
1 Bread
1 Banana Bread & Muffin
1 Blueberry Muffin
1 Chocolate Cupcake
1 Pizza Dough
1 Pancake & Waffle
1 Brownie
4 CorEats recipe cards

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